'23 T-Rod

Here is my Dad and his 23 "T" back in 1982 at the 9th annual Daytona Turkey Rod Run.  He sold the "T" to Bruce Glueck, of Bruce Glueck Chevrolet, then..............
....we lost him in October 03.  Bruce Glueck loved the "T" dearly, but decided to give it back to our family in his memory.  So, below is how it looked when we got it back.  As you can see, it is nearly the same as it was 20 years ago.  However, time has taken its toll on the car.  We decided as a family to have it ready for the Turkey Rod Run in Daytona for 2004.  Follow along as we bring the 23 "T" back from the past.
Me sitting in the "T"1982
Dad and his "T", 1982.
FINISHED!!!!!!!!!!!!! Way ahead of schedule!!! Pictures of the T at it's first show 3/13/04