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If you like Nitrous breathing Big Block Corvettes, Vipers, and other highly modified exotic cars, then you need to read this book!  Follow Max and his wayward friend Heather as they search for the key to Max's answer.  Why did Missy feel that she had to do what she did to totally turn Max's life upside down?  

With one of the sweetest big block chrome bumper Sharks as the center of the saga, Max, in the search for answers, finds himself looking for help from an unlikely source.  Organized crime, Strip Clubs, and highly sophisticated schemes for fraud are center stage for this fast paced story.  A must read!


The Key To My Heart
Christopher McDonald
copyright 2004

Cover Artwork by Dave March
Cover Model Jenavet
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I would like to invite those that have read the book to take a few moments and fill out the questions below.  I am interested in your feedback and will use it in consideration of future book offerings.  Thank you.
Did you like the story line?Yes/No
How was the pace of the book?  Too fast/Too slow/Just right/Mix of both?
Who was your favorite character, and why?
Was the story easy to follow?
Be honest with this one.  Did any part of the story tug at your heart, maybe put a tear in your eye?
What is your opinion of how the book ended?
Was there a good balance between cool hard core car stuff, relationship issues, and action?  
Would you like to see a future story that springs off of any of the characters or vehicles in this story? Be specific.
Questions/Comments...ANYTHING else you would like to add?