Nothing like tracking your "pro-touring" car and finding out if all those goodies between the tires and under the hood really work.  This was our first open road race and autoX event with this car. 
Day one we were out on the 1.7 mile road race track at Putnam Park in Indiana.  We drove the car from Illinois to the event - so breaking down wasn't an option.  After the first day, we took part in a 99 mile road cruise to Southern Illinois - Mid America - to run the car the next day on the Auto X and speed stop challenge track.
For having bad luck - it was pretty good.  We decided to leave the event just ahead of the final event and cruise back home.  We had a couple of hours on the road and wanted to get in before dark.  Part way back, the fuel pump quit.  Thanks to the kindness of a stranger, a local Autozone, and some quick thinking - I had the pump swapped and back on the road. 

This Camaro has a 1996 Caprice/Impala tank.  I modified the trunk to gain access to the pump assembly "IF" if ever failed on the road.  For once, planning ahead worked out and saved the day!