2 Corinthians 5:17 Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; 
the old has gone, the new has come!
We are coming down to the finish line now on the major portion of the build.  Now it is time for details, details...and more details...before we get some good road miles on and find out what other work awaits.  Thanks to Carmean Motorsports and the generous donation of the 1999 Trans Am seats - we opted to fit the 68 with the rear seats as well.  This provided quite a challenge as the 99 and 68 are totally different in the rear.  The front seats were a snap with minor mods to the track and a quick fused power source to pick up the movement.  However, the rear required building fillers out of cardboard and fiberglass for each side and in the center.  These will be covered in vinyl later.

We've been making steady improvements, upgrades, and finishing touches under the hood as well.  The brakes just weren't cutting it.  Tom, from gpsauto2010 on Ebay hooked us up with a complete new 9" booster, Corvette four wheel disc master, and four wheel disc proportioning valve to balance everything out.  The gold cad finish on the booster also adds a nice splash of bling under the hood.  We shipped the rear brakes to VBandP in Florida to put a sweet red Corvette Z powder coat finish..then sent them to B&W in Kansas City to put all the guts in right.  

Let's talk about brakes for a moment...How are your spiritual brakes?  Do they need a tune up?  You know...when we don't read the Bible and pray daily...we are influenced by all other things that contaminate our spiritual brake fluid and make it difficult to stop quickly when faced with temptation to go astray.  Blowing a stop sign...because we are so bad off that we are incapable on our own of stopping is sure to lead to a crash.   
Thanks to the folks in Victory Lane putting the $$$ together, we were able to order 99% of the interior new from NPD.  The Grant steering wheel is a finishing touch on the backdrop of the gorgeous VHX gauges.  These 1999 Trans Am seats are right at home...in their new home.  
These seats are comfortable, and it reminds me that from time to time we need to rest.  God rested on the seventh day as an example for us...please don't neglect quite unplugged downtime.
Project R brakes:

Front - 13" 5th Gen Corvette Z06 rotors and calipers
Rear - 2nd Gen Trans AM/Z28 disc in red coating
Booster - 9" GPSauto
Master Cylinder - 3rd gen Corvette 4 wheel disc
Prop Valve - 3rd gen Corvette
Lines - Stainless
Project R came out for the first official share...and Giveaway registration at the Bloomington/Normal monthly cruise.  We had a ball, and enjoyed sharing the car's story and the good news of the Gospel with many folks!  This is what it is all about.  Matthew 28 tells us to go and spread the Gospel...and that is exactly what Project R was built for - thanks to Kathy McFeeters for the excellent photos - more here
Here are a couple of quick shots...still much to go...but getting closer all the time
Saturday 9/24...we rolled out of Clinton, IL with a whole 400 miles on the car for the 1,100 mile trip to Florida.  
With a staggering 11 mpg...we did a LOT of this on the way down.
Oops...Is that LAKE  FIREBIRD we see?  Just outside of Chattanooga the transmission sprung a leak.  
One of the cooler lines cut through from the hard line having too sharp of an edge - and too much of an angle.  Mike Knowles trailered us to safety and helped get this fixed...and we were back on the road to Florida only slightly delayed.  
Finally!  We rolled into Florida at 12:30 a.m. Monday September 26th! Once in  Lakeland, EMO put the finishing touches on the detail work, trim...and interior work.  WOW!  What a difference a professional makes!
Saturday Oct 1...R rolled into Silver Springs for the National Parts Depot all GM show.  WOW!  Perfect weather and a perfect parking spot....Stay tuned...because R will be rolling like this until the giveaway date!  
Thanks to Josh's Mobile Tinting - Signs & Graphics...R is sporting some sweet dark windows to keep the sun on the outside and the frosty cold Vintage Air on the inside!