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Hello and welcome to  My name is Chris McDonald.   From the time I was little I was tinkering with all sorts of motorized things.  My dad Lewis Lamar McDonald Sr. (1935-2003) taught me the value in fixing broken things.  He gave me the inspiration, instruction, and ultimately the freedom to choose my path in life.   From Lego, Soap Box Derby, bicycles...and finally four wheeled fire breathing machines....I truly love to build and fix things.  I have been abundantly blessed to build, own, and share some amazing and inspirational machines and brought many left-for-dead buckets of bolts back to life.  In all this I've come to know that the true blessing is the journey along the way.  There are some amazing people from all walks of life that are passionate about cars.  While the cars will one day end up in a scrap yard, it is the relationships we make as a legacy for one another long after we are gone that matter.    I am lucky to have the most beautiful and supportive wife in the world.  Now it is my turn to give back to others and inspire my own son to pursue his dreams. 

I'm a contributor to Amos Publishing.  In the links below I've consolidated many of my past articles that cover a wide range of automotive technical topics as well as some of my personal projects.  You can also learn more about  my novel  The Key to My Heart. 

Jun 2008
Going Keyless
Installing a Keyless Entry into an early C4
Sept 2008
Rack'em Up
Replacing the steering gear in an early C4
Dec 08
Still Acting Fuelish
Installing an Accel DFI Gen VII Thurster in a 1969 Vette
June 10
Not Another LS1 Swap...Swap
Part 1 of slamming a modern 8.1 Rat into a 69 Vette
July 10
Not Another LS1 Swap...Swap Part 2 - adding the brains and firing up the 8.1 Rat in a 1969 Vette
March/April 08
We tackle a subframe restoration on a 2nd Gen Trans Am
May/June 08
Restoring and improving a 2nd Gen Trans Am Steering
September/October 08
Installing a custom fit SURE fit Vintage Air in a 2nd Gen Trans Am
November/December 08
Maximum Overdrive - installing a Bowtie Overdrive 700R4 in a 2nd Gen Trans Am
May/June 09
Installing a new complete floor in a 1st Gen Firebird
(Project R)
November/December 09
Digital Revolution - Installing a Gen VII Thruster EFI on a 400 Poncho
August 10
We overhaul the rear brakes on an early Fiero
October 10
TH400 Swap in a 4th Gen Turbo Trans Am
September 10
Adding a 3 Point seatbelt and steam T in a LS powered 1969 Camaro
Project Resurrection!  See how a group of volunteers, sponsors, and donors have all come together to build a missionary machine!
Our stunning 1969 Corvette aka "Killer" in the Vette Magazine calendar - 2004
2010 Midwest Muscle Car Challenge!
1969 "Killer" Corvette.  Click photo for my first car to be featured in a magazine
My 69 Camaro - was lost and found...a story that proves truth can be more incredible than fiction
1985 "FrankenVette" that we've owned THREE times and featured in Corvette Enthusiast for the LS2 swap in 2007 as seen in the links below
Project R - it takes a VILLAGE!
The Family 23 T
Video Series I did with VB&P For the C3 Suspension Products